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We are a husband and wife duo that started out as independent photographers and then realized how well we worked together. We started Yellow Horse Photography in 2015 to pursue our dreams of capturing the best of the world around us and to have a good time along the way.

We both graduated with Photographic Communication degrees from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. Tanner grew up on his parent's country home in Laramie, Wyoming. His love of photography started with an old Kodak digital camera and life around the ranch. It was here that his deep appreciation of nature and wildlife photography took root. He has been featured in such publications as Outside Bozeman and Wyoming Wildlife and has won many photo competitions throughout the area.


Randi grew up in Livingston, Montana. A girl with many interests, you were just as likely to find her on the back of her horse as sitting at home and reading. She remembers being attached to a pink Barbie camera when she was little but that her real love for photography didn't emerge until high school. Mr. Rod Beland taught her to look at the world around her with a keen eye. Get in close, keep it simple. Can you tell this curve is a teapot? It is amazing what 10 frames of black and white film can teach you a day. Randi still says the smell of fixer is one of the best smells there is. 

If you're interested in learning more about photography, Tanner, or Randi, check out Randi's Spilled Silver blog here!

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